March 2022

Paul Horenstein, Pres.              K2PH
Vacancy, V.Pres. 
Vacancy,  Secretary 
Glenn Carella, Treas.              N2GOP

Crystal Radio Club, Inc.


We need some volunteers to do some of the day to day chores of running the club. Most importantly someone to run the Volunteer Examiner program. This might take somewhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours a month. Also someone with more artistic talent than I have to maintain our website.

We've been asked to participate in the Hudson Valley Digital Network again this year. It only took a few hours of operating time, bust some planning as well. It would be nice to get a couple more members out into the field, think of it as a "mini Field Day" that will only take 4 hours of your time at most.

Come and play radio with us.

Paul K2PH