Well, we've had a quiet and peaceful summer so far. We made a bunch of contacts on Field Day. Band conditions were and continue to be really lousy.

  Hams, of course, are adaptable, and with the new digital modes on HF, one can make contacts even with signals the ear can't hear. One of these modes has pretty much taken over 6 meters for DX work as well. We will have a demonstration of these new modes at an upcoming meeting. 

    In the meanwhile, I'm still picking up little inexpensive bits and pieces from China (no more local Radio Shack) and will be showing them off at the meetings. I'm surprised to see some of the stuff I purchased a while ago suddenly showing up as a reviewed product in QST!

We're starting our meetings again after the summer break, so hope to see you on September 6 at our next meeting. 

Paul K2PH

August 2017

Crystal Radio Club, Inc.

Paul Horenstein, Pres.              K2PH
Bob Chamberlain, V.Pres.        N2KBC
Walter Stremouchow, Sec.     KC2WDJ
Glenn Carella, Treas.              N2GOP