For Sale!

We have radio equipment which has been recently donated to the club!

They are being offered​ for sale on an as-is basis for the benefit of the club treasury.

Please contact Paul K2PH or Glenn N2GOP if you are interested in any of these items!


Kenwood TS440S- internal tuner works, full output all bands.
Lighting up and not much else:

Kenwood TS-520SE
Sommerkamp/Yaesu FTDX150
KDK FM-2015R

Science Projects (condition unknown):

Satellite S20B - no power supply.
Hallicrafters group consisting of HT44, SX117, PS 150-120 and Turner desk microphone. Some interconnect cables with group.

Test Equipment:

RCA WV-510A “Master Voltohmyst”- new batteries and HV test lead - works, not calibrated.
BK Precision VOM- with leads, new battery - not calibrated.
Heathkit HD-1250 solid state dip meter with coils - unchecked.
Simpson 260 VOM- main switch needs cleaning, needs leads.


Swan WM-1500 SWR meter.
Swan ST-1 antenna tuner - (large- possibly 1kW rated)
Astron power supply RS-35A.
Astron power supply RS-20A.

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