Paul Horenstein, Pres.              K2PH
Bob Chamberlain, V.Pres.        N2KBC
Walter Stremouchow, Sec.     KC2WDJ
Glenn Carella, Treas.              N2GOP

June 2017

Crystal Radio Club, Inc.


   Another six months have passed, rather uneventfully. Sadly, we've lost a couple of members; W2HCL as a Silent Key and BJ, KB8TRH has moved out of the area. We are seeing some interest in some new visitors from Rockland CERT, and hope to get a whole bunch more licensed in the next few months. 

I should have more details on this at the June meeting. 

   I'm hoping to see the club make an effort for Field Day - I'm in the process of setting up logging computers for the HF operating positions, and networking them together. If you've never done Field Day, think of it as a very relaxed, non-contest that gives you a chance to become familiar with operating somewhere that's not your home station. And of course, we have the advantage of a comfortable air conditioned, bug-free operating environment too.

 Hope to see you at the meeting, and at Field Day

Paul K2PH